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Y'all remember that Youth Ordinance Bill that was proposed some months back? Which was basically a hit at lolicon and there was a huge ruckus and all bout it but then it got voted out? WELL, it got revised and got proposed again and GUESS WHAT. THE TOKYO COMMITTEE GAVE IT THE OKAY! I AM NOT FUCKING HAPPY WITH THIS. YOU ASK WHY?!?!?!

(from Sankaku Complex, Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes)

Tokyo’s ban on anime, manga and games featuring “virtual crimes” or which are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” has passed after the DPJ agreed to support it.
the final draft actually removed a passage that imposed “a duty not to possess [photographic] child pornography” on Tokyo residents, whilst leaving the section banning erotic manga and anime (and explicitly excluding photographic materials) all but unchanged – that the bill is intended exclusively as an “anti-otaku” law seems to be beyond doubt.

It is very difficult to objectively assess the scope of the law – along with vague and subjective terms like “interfere with the healthy development of youth,” the law also includes “etc.” on the end of most of its examples, leaving it quite unclear, for example, whether the “improper glorification of illegal sexual activity, etc.” applies to only virtual sex crimes, or all crimes in general – presumably the interpretation adopted will be whichever is convenient to censors.

Similarly, the ban’s mention of “rape and other sexual acts which violate societal norms” seems inevitably to point to a ban on depictions of homosexuality, considering who was behind the law.
The most immediate and direct effect of the law will almost certainly be to see ecchi manga such as To Love-Ru, bishoujo titles such as Champion Red and most BL manga, as well as any seinen manga with especially mature themes, banned from general sales – presumably most will then be cancelled due to a lack of suitable magazine or tankobon distribution channels, with a few perhaps being resurrected as 18+ ero-manga.
The law probably also spells the end of most late night anime in Tokyo (and by extension, everywhere else), which it would appear to ban under its distribution clause; given the vague wording of the current season alone it seems Ore no Imouto, Panty & Stocking, Yosuga, Sora no Otoshimono, Milky Holmes and others would all fall foul of its various stipulations.

The law comes into effect in July of 2011, so with magazine, tankobon, anime and game release schedules being what they are, it seems likely its effects will be felt much sooner; in a genuinely democratic state there might be scope to overturn it before then, but from what has been seen so far it seems unlikely publishers have the guts or savvy to do anything about it.

Ten Manga publishers HAVE refused to attend the Tokyo Anime Fair coming up but DUDE WHAT THE FUCKKITY FUCK?! NO EROGE? NO ECCHI? NO BL? I WANT TO FUCKING RIP SOMEONE'S HEAD OFF THEIR SHOULDERS WITH MY BARE HANDS! SO many manga titles are gonna be affected by this that I dont even aihsd'ahsd;aohd;ashd;asd DOES THIS MEAN NO SMUT SHOUJO MANGA EITHER?! ASIBHDGOAISGDAIHDSA FUCKING HELL MAN!

No more Panty & Stocking, no more Gantz, no more awesome seinen stuff like Monster...HECK I bet they wont even allow BLOOD to be shown now! No more awesome busty strong female ladies who are super sexy yet super strong like Saeko or Kanzaki from To aru! NO MORE FUCKING BL?! BYE BYE OTOME ROAD! BYE BYE AKIHABARA! NO . MORE. DOUJINS.

And yeah the FUCK is up with such vague terms as "likely to interfere with the healthy upbringing of a child" you think anime and manga would have a greater fuck-up effect on a kid than say...OH i dont know...UNNECESSARY PRESSURE ON HIM TO PERFORM TO THE POINT THAT HE WANTS TO COMMIT SUICIDE FOR NOT GETTING THE HIGHEST MARKS POSSIBLE?! Japanese kids are under SO much damn pressure to perform that you dont think that maybe THAT is an issue that needs to be fucking dealt with FIRST?! INSTEAD, this homophic, xenophobe Ishihara comes after the otakus. I REALLY wanna kidnap him and toss him into a room with Hard Gay!

Improper glorification of illegal sexual activiti...THE FUCK does that even mean?! *rage rage* Alright so maybe i do have an idea bout that bye bye my favorite shoujo stories where the girl falls in love with her older teacher T^T  Oh isnt this the balls...Kadokawa pulled out from the fair yeah? Ishihara's comments on the fair. "Tokyo’s governor Ishihara for his part previously warmly endorsed the event in a lengthy passage published in their own promotional material:
“I’m hopeful the event will prove a place where the Japan can proudly showcase the charms of its animation industry to the world, and where new business can be pursued – it is after all one of Tokyo’s great regional industries.”

THIS from the guy who is spear heading the movement against anime and manga....yahan. DUDE EVEN FUCKING DOREAMON PULLED OUT OF THE FAIR.No OP, Naruto, Gundam, Kimi ni Todoke, Rainbow, Giant Killing, Dragon Ball Z,  KissxSis, BLEACH, Inuyasha! (Tokyo Anime Fair Before After) GAWD I AM BEYOND PISSED.

The official bill vote is on Wednesday and I'll be praying, hoping, wishing that it wont get passed. On the basis that anime and manga makes up like 20% of Japan's GDP so they cant really afford to fuck that shit up. Or well...us third world countries are gonna be giving Japan a great big bear hug of welcome :P

My friend tells me that 2chan is being pretty quiet about this. A very "oh well it was bound to happen and now its legal so ho hum~" I'm ready to take some fellow Pakistani people with me (someone else foot the bills please XD) and we'll show you how public outrage is done fucking right! YOU get the lighter fluid, you some tyres to burn, you and you, we need rocks and plenty of em, you get sticks, lots of em. and you all, start making effigies to burn." XD

"With the one of the lowest percentage of 'youth' in their country they seems more worry about this rather than trying to solve the birthrate problem" (Anon comment on the first link) HAHAHA FOREVER WIN! 

MY LIFE AS I KNOW IT HAS BEEN SHATTERED T^T....no wait i'll leave the rest of the possible panicking until Wednesday.

My fellow fangirls and friends, pray that this Bill doesnt get passed. Or else...well....yeah....

Note to self: find a really good "hate" icon for an occassion such as this
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