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WHAT is with this sudden inflow of cheese, sad and gag inducing fluff in the IchiHime fandom these days? XD 

The sun was shining bright one summer afternoon. Bright blue disney birds were dancing in the air, weaving their magical song. The girl with auburn hair and gray eyes is wearing a yellow summer dress and she is sitting near her open window enjoying an ice cold glass of lemonade. I just pictured Orihime sitting like Rapunzel (Tangle) at the top of a tower, on the window ledge...

She thought about hanging with Rukia, but she's busy in the society. So she sits here all alone in her apartment.
Rukia = Society Girl. Right. And ow ow ow ow *rubs her neck* I just got whiplash at that tense change.

Her smile was soon washed away when the thoughts of a certain orange hair boy came to her mind.

The gray eyed girl turns on the radio beside her and turns it to the American music station. The DJ then announces the next song called "My Heart" by Paramore.
Where do I START with what is WRONG with this sentence. WHY must people do this? If you WANT to do a songfic with anime characters, ATLEAST please pick JAPANESE songs ;A;

It's been 4 months since the Winter War, and it still pains her heart to know that the one she cares for the most almost died saving her. It scares her that he's out there risking his life in order to protect everyone.
He did it before and it didnt really bother you before, moot point. NEXT.

Suddenly, she senses a reiatsu. His reiatsu. He lands in front of her apartment on a telephone pole not to far away.
OMG ITS SPIDERMAN. Oh no wait its just Ichigo.

"Oi, Inoue," He said with a caring look on his face.
Well that's the rudest greeting ever.

"Ku- Kurosaki-kun," Said the nervous, auburn haired girl. She gets up and he gracefully descends from the pole and lands in her apartment.
...I just pictured Ichigo doing that like Superman would..COMPLETE WITH THE SUIT. MY EYES.

He walks closer to her and takes her small, soft hands into his big, calloused ones. She loved the way his touch made her spine shiver and her heart beat like crazy. She blushes and doesn't know what has come over him.

"Orihime, there's something that I've wanting to tell you for a long time." Shocked by the fact that he called her by her given name, it was hard for her to speak because her throat suddenly became dry. He looked at her with such a loving and caring expression.
Hurk...hurk...*runs to the toilet* huh...carrots...

His mouth moves to her ear and he whispers, "I've been so careless. I didn't know how I could let all these feelings be bunched up in my heart for so long."
*lips twitch* bunched up huh...like your panties? *runs away laughing*

These arms of which she longed to be held in comforted her in a way no one else could. He gave the strength and the hope to keep living. A gush of the summer breeze blew in which made his spicy scent circle throughout the room and she felt like she was in heaven.
*sings* Did you ever know that you're my hero~~~~~ You are everything that I would like to be~~~~~~

He pulls back a little so that his face met with hers.

"Orihime. Why speak to me so formally? We've known each other for so long you could call me by my given name." His voice was low and husky. A smirk played upon his lips. Before she knew it, he crushed his lips to hers.
Good grief. I think someone slipped Ichigo a Disney Prince pill. WE MUST DEFUSE IT!

When she returned his kiss, he deepen it with such eagerness and passion. Her hands left his shikuhasho and tangled within his orange locks.

His tongue penetrates her lips, looking for an entrance.
"We're in Captain. We have a secure lock on her lips and are ready to break in on your orders."

She allows for him to enter.
"Oh please DO come in~ be careful of the settee over there, most people tend to bump into that ahahaha~"

Their tongues are fighting within mouths, fighting for dominance.
"Take that! And that! ha ha you won't have me you vile fiend!"

Orihime feels so alive that her heart is beating twice as fast.
So if my heart isn't beating twice as fast, im half alive then?

She is slowly sketching every touch and every kiss of this wonderful moment into her memory.
*runs for the toilet yet again* hurk blaaargh

he no longer has to bask in sadness of never being loved by this man.
You DO NOT bask in sadness. That just...GYARGH.

They break their passionate kiss and gaze into each other eyes. She looks at him, crying tears of joy.

"Orihime why are you crying?" said the alarmed Ichigo.
"Because you arn't the real Ichigo!"

"I'm just so happy that my heart is yours, Ichigo. Pleases don't ever leave me." She then flashes him her hundred watt smile he loves so much while tears continue to rundown her face.
There isn't enough wine in the world to
go along with that cheese......or enough pancakes to go with that SAP.

Gads I feel ill now >|

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