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Total Fics:
1 multi-chapters
37 one-shots
34 drafts/plots written out
0 possible re-writes

Total Words: 52,439 words (from uploaded/posted stories) And here's the kicker - 49,904 of these words were written between October and December end. All of them TimKon.

My favorite story this year: Color Me Curious or Burgundy Love. Right after finishing both stories, I was hit with a 'Whoa...I like this. I really like this.' I didn't have to think too deeply about either. I just had a vague concept for both ("I want to write Mer!Tim for this art that Aimee made" and "I want to write about a red sweater") and I just went from there.

My worst story this year: Wedding Vows I can't put my bloody finger on it but something about this just feels SO damn off to me. Maybe its all the cheese? I just don't fucking know. Also, The Aftermath of the Great Batfam Thanksgiving Foodfight ~The Last Supper of Turkey-chan~. Grah.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Color Me Curious

Sexiest Story: I never find my own writing sexy :/a In terms of concept, I suppose Double The Pleasure counts. or Deprivation

Most fun story: 4 Kinds of Awkward I was laughing while writing this. It was just too hard trying to keep my giggling in check.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: None that apply :D

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Hmmm none

Hardest story to write: Wedding Vows Took me three nights and I still wasn't satisfied. Also chapter two of Selecting the Perfect Present was a bit of a challenge.

Biggest surprise: ME GETTING BACK TO WRITING. Oh but wait, the biggest surprise is that I come back and start writing DC comics slash! This year I wrote my first slash story (Hi there Tiger & Bunny fandom for which I wrote two kink meme fills) but even those were kinda...more spur of the moment and then "Kay I'm done". But TimKon came and sneak attacked me.

A story I want remembered: 4 Kinds of Awkward, Color Me Curious & Burgundy Love.
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