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Cause I was kinda getting tired of my old ones~

And [livejournal.com profile] anjichan  made these awesomely spiffy new Togainu no Chi icons and one of em was from the ShikixAkira H scene that i hadn't iconed so, TOTAL stealage and addage to my collection. My collection is very very happy now~

In real life news, just got hit by an earthquake here. It was 5.3 on the scale. BIG ASS jerking motion that had me jumping out my seat and running for the doorway outside. Stopped midway and stayed underneath the doorway instead of going outside in the dark....
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My 80GB harddisk developed bad sectors on it like 5 days ago >_> God damn idiotic *mutter and grumble* So the money that WOULD have gone to me buying a Wacom tablet got rerouted to buying a new 320 GB harddisk. Yeah I know what yer thinking. "Why not have bought another 80 GB and kept the rest of the money?" Cause I'm got a downloading addiction and I always need more space ^^;;; Now ive got a seperate 150GB for Movies & TV Shows *wheeee* And I figured, 'What the hell, lets bottom this whole thing out' so I'll be getting a new 80GB harddisk to replace the old one. More space = more winnage.

Utter downside is that a LOT of my files got corrupted...I kept like 80 incomplete manga titles on that disk and now its like...every tankoban/volume has one or two PAGES missing. Now THATS gonna be annoying, having to redownload entire VOLUMES just for the sake of ONE FLIPPING PAGE. And that includes some doujinshi (WHYYYYY did that happen to Fairy Tail Alcohol?! ;A; )

On the flip side, thank GOD this didnt happen when I was in uni. I'd have had a SERIOUS panic attack. Thank God for small blessings.

Random: Strobe Edge last last chapter. OHMYGAAAAAAAAAAWD! Ren and Nanako's date *arm flailing* their first kiss *MORE arm flailing* and he blushes afterwards *arms detach from her body and fly away* I can wait for a more proper summary. He even remembered her wanting to eat lots of cakes and going halfies~ Ren, i dont get why some girls dont like you ;A; I mean, yer so ADORKABLE~

I feel like rewatching 'A walk to remember' these days...I should rewatch that....I will when i come back from the gym
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If someone else from my family OR ANYONE ELSE , comes and says to me "You've gained weight" or "You look fat now" I WILL BUST YOUR FACE UP! I'm sick and fucking tired of ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER going again and again and again "you're fat loose weight you're fat loose weight". I heard you the first fifty times, must you repeat it again and again to the point that i wanna drill my own ears off?!

and my brother comes and says the same damn ass thing. MY WEIGHT IS THE SAME AS IT ALWAYS WAS SO  would everyone get off my fucking case?! I'm think close to just either screaming or crying in frustration. Just get outta my grill please!

ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ ウワァァン!!
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Last night I go to sleep after re-reading all 5 volumes of 'You're my loveprize in viewfinder' and emm....I'm pretty sure that I dreamed of Akihito and Asami doing the deed...cause I can't shake the image of Akihito lying on his stomach and his head turned back to look at Asami. I don't think such an image was there in the manga XD And THAT image was enough to jerk me outta my sleep, sleepily wonder 'Wut?' before dropping my head back on my pillow and rolling over to catch more Z's.

Dear self, do not read hard(ish) yaoi manga before going to bed. CLEARLY it screws with your head.
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Eid is expected to be either on the coming Friday or Saturday but my prep is allll done~!
Suit, stitched and ready to wear - check
Bangles - check
Shoes - check
Jewelery - check
piccy piccy under teh cut )
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If someone gets this...please explain this to me too...

Me just entered the room and sat down on her seat
Dad walks into the room

Dad: Do you know this person Aa?
Me *makes a confused face*: Aa?
Dad: Whats that face? Why are you making that face?
Me: aaah, I can't make a thinking face now?
Dad: Don't make faces like that. Its not right. Now do you know this person?
Me: no...no I don't.

WHAT THE FUCK? I am not a fucking robot that I would go in a monotone "What who?" when asked about some person that I dont know. Why the hell CAN'T I make a "huh?" expression when I get hit by a random question JUST WHEN I ARRIVE HOME?! CHRIST ON A CRACKER. I dunno what the hell my dad wants from me some times.

*grumbles* and my mom asks me WHY I don't talk much or AT ALL at home. Cause I then have to hear shit like that that makes me confused and pissed at the same time. HUMPH.


Jun. 7th, 2010 05:49 pm
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so...my sir tells me that all the students who are doin their thesis with him should get it done ASAP as in within 2 weeks.

I guess I should be very grateful for the fact that...FACTS sink into my colander brain after a while. So the implications of stuff hits me WAY later....yeah.....

on the bright side, i'll be able to deal with the itchy irritating feeling I'd been getting that "Damn...im forgettin some work arnt i? I need to do some work." etc etc. Its hard to unwind properly after 3 hellish weeks of projects, presentations and exams :B


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