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Total Fics:
1 multi-chapters
37 one-shots
34 drafts/plots written out
0 possible re-writes

Total Words: 52,439 words (from uploaded/posted stories) And here's the kicker - 49,904 of these words were written between October and December end. All of them TimKon.

My favorite story this year: Color Me Curious or Burgundy Love. Right after finishing both stories, I was hit with a 'Whoa...I like this. I really like this.' I didn't have to think too deeply about either. I just had a vague concept for both ("I want to write Mer!Tim for this art that Aimee made" and "I want to write about a red sweater") and I just went from there.

My worst story this year: Wedding Vows I can't put my bloody finger on it but something about this just feels SO damn off to me. Maybe its all the cheese? I just don't fucking know. Also, The Aftermath of the Great Batfam Thanksgiving Foodfight ~The Last Supper of Turkey-chan~. Grah.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Color Me Curious

Sexiest Story: I never find my own writing sexy :/a In terms of concept, I suppose Double The Pleasure counts. or Deprivation

Most fun story: 4 Kinds of Awkward I was laughing while writing this. It was just too hard trying to keep my giggling in check.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: None that apply :D

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Hmmm none

Hardest story to write: Wedding Vows Took me three nights and I still wasn't satisfied. Also chapter two of Selecting the Perfect Present was a bit of a challenge.

Biggest surprise: ME GETTING BACK TO WRITING. Oh but wait, the biggest surprise is that I come back and start writing DC comics slash! This year I wrote my first slash story (Hi there Tiger & Bunny fandom for which I wrote two kink meme fills) but even those were kinda...more spur of the moment and then "Kay I'm done". But TimKon came and sneak attacked me.

A story I want remembered: 4 Kinds of Awkward, Color Me Curious & Burgundy Love.
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My friends know how much of a damn pervert I am and thusly, link me to all sorts of Bleach related smutty nonsense that is all kinds of fail.

From two separate fics I bring you utterly RIVETING sex scenes.

Warnings: het sex. very mechanical. No no no machines were involved!
Bleach het silliness )

Virgins~ They have no idea what constitutes as "amazing" sex~
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Stolen from from [info]nagicakes.  Cause memes are fun! and i ought to post something to prove that hey, im not dead~


What ratings do you read/write?
I read everything but my writing winds up going towards M :/

What warnings have you used on your fiction?
Fluff, crazy, lemon/lime, bondage, threesome, slight-OOC-ness, smexing, rape/abuse, violence. 

Do you have any squicks?
Badly written porn like cervix porn. OUCH OUCH OUCH NO YOU IDIOT THAT HURTS ALRIGHT?! D:
Obvious cases of OOC-ness, poor grammar and spellings, abuse of  or ignoring punctuation and proper formatting, blatant Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's.

Do you Role-play online? If so, what?
I used to be active YEARS ago in the Lord of the Rings roleplaying side. Ah Council of Elrond, I kinda miss you

Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?
No but there have been plenty of fanfics that have inspired me :D

Favorite fandom to write/read?
Write: Bleach, its somehow easier to write for me :O I find it easier to get in the characters head and go "hmm how'd they do this" I do plan on writing a HOTD smutlet though :D
Read: Viewfinder and Bleach.

Favorite pairing?
IchiHime with a side of Asami/Akihito and some occasional treat on the side

Favorite writer/writers?
Red Witch (that woman is MADE of funny), Seven Sunningdale (HOLYSHIT CAN THAT WOMAN WRITE), Ludi (Threads. Just...THREADS. FUUUUCK. THAT was AWESOME)  from Xmen and a lot of people from Bleach like...alice, Enelya, nagi, rairukka, kitsuru (TEACH ME YOUR WAYS PLEASE! ;__; )

How long should a chapter be?
A minimum of 1-3k words. I like my chapters LONG

Do you write/read drabbles?
more reading less writing. I find it difficult to stick to the smaller word limit but I have done that XD

Any fandoms you avoid?
eeeeeh not really but I did drift away from a lot of the older fandoms like Harry Potter and Buffy

Pairings you avoid?
If its not in my favorite couples, im not reading it XD

Warnings you avoid?
hmmmm if it warns for OOC then i'll completely skip it. If it gives a warning for slight OOC or possible OOC, then i always give it a try

Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?
No, not really

What do you think of Mary Sues?

Have you ever flamed someone?
Nope, dont think I ever have.

Have you ever been flamed?
PFT once, but it wasnt related to my fanfics XD But it was still amusing
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Happy Easter!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Finale spoilers) [1 - 56]
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko  [57 - 67]
Otome Youkai Zakuro  [68 - 93]
Kobato  [94 - 112]
Togainu no Chi  [113 - 151]
Misc. (Yaoi)  [152 - 174]


Cause my best intentions making a mess of things/ I just want to fix it somehow/ But how many times will it take?/ How many times will it take... )
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You may or may not be aware of this but over at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan , a fandom auction is being organized in order to raise funds to help Japan.

I'm offering an icon set of 20 icons (with an extra 10 icons for ever +$5). My auction is here. 

It's for a good cause so I would urge others to participate.

I'm good with any fandom (EXCEPT Twilight) but I'd prefer to work with anime, manga and illustrations/fanarts. I'm planning on making more of the effects icons rather than cuts/angles. And of course you know this next fact, I'm down with yaoi (and yuri).

Please check it out and help out. Check the other offers out, there's a multitude of amazing amazing people offering amazing stuff.
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Some of you may or may not be aware but there's a Fandom Auction being organized where people are signing up and are gonna 'auction off' their fanworks (fanarts, graphics, fanfics, amvs etc etc, you name it) for a small price which will be donated to a charity of the creators choice.

Sounds like a damn fine idea to me personally. And I'm wondering to join or not, for graphics:icons.

A set of 20-50 icons for any fandom (except Twilight. Yaoi and Yuri is fine.)

Any takers? Thoughts?
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A Simon fanart post MUST be followed by a SimonxNia fanpost. My head logic dictates it.

This is how it went. 818 Gurren Lagaan fanarts -> 140+ SimonxNia fanarts -> 44 SimonxNia fanarts that I thought were the best to share.

Without further ado. Enjoy the sweetness.


Dear LJ, fuck you. Dear Tinypic, fuck you more. Photobucket, you are love. That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled fanarts.Simon and Nia sitting in a tree~~ k.i.s.s.i.n.g~~~ )
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WHAT is with this sudden inflow of cheese, sad and gag inducing fluff in the IchiHime fandom these days? XD 

much sap and cheese and just...vomit inducing fluff )

Gads I feel ill now >|

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I missed out on Halloween *head smack* so I decided not to miss on Christmas! So its time for....A SANTA PARADE 8D

D. Gray Man
Detroit Metal City
DOGS : Bullets & Carnage
Haruhi Suzumiya
Jack Skellington
Junjou Romantica
Kimi ni Todoke
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Love Hina
Lucky Star
Okane ga Nai!
Pandora Hearts
Prince of Tennis
Sailor Moon

Total [ 160 ]

~~jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~~ )
Another batch coming your way tomorrow!
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Ishihara: “Otaku Have Corrupt DNA”

Ishihara's defence of his bill...HE GOES TO GENETICS: “There are indeed plenty of perverts in the world. The DNA of these pitiful people is corrupt. They are indeed abnormal.”

Hey guess what you old BAT, IT COMES FROM YOUR GENERATION TOO! (((((;`Д´)≡⊃

On loli manga: “Stories with young children being raped serve no purpose. They cause nothing but harm with no benefit.”

I can say the same for porn! BUT HERES TEH KICKER LINE! In the same press conference, regarding the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir something something, hes like “It was shocking at the time, but at that level the description is quite beautiful.” *epicspittake* I BEG YER PARDON?! LET ME ATTEMPT TO GET THIS STRAIGHT. You find the description of a book describing a man lusting after (and bedding after using drugs) a 12 year old girl?! And the girl is NOT a virgin when she has sex with this middle aged man?! *mind cannot compute* CHRIST ON A CRACKER! I need an Advil here....LEAVE THE WHOLE DAMN BOTTLE!

When someone pointed out bout his novel "Season in the Sun" and its contents he goes “Literature of any kind does not lead children to commit crime or cause juvenile delinquency,” *fist palm* WHY THAT IS SO TRUE! KIDS DONT READ LITERATURE AT ALL BECAUSE ITS GOT TOO MANY WORDS/KANJI IN IT SO ITS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT TO WRITE BOUT THIS STUFF IN NOVEL FORM! 8D PLUS I'LL JUST FORGET THE CONVENIENT FACT THAT MY BOOKS CAN BE EASILY BOUGHT BY CHILDREN IN ANY STORE HERP DERP! 

THIS from the man who has been writing RAPE novels for the past 50 YEARS?!  Some synops of his...'work'
  1. "A group of youths kidnap a mentally retarded girl whom they brutally rape and keep as a sex slave. After failing to sell her to a brothel, they dispose of her by throwing her off a cliff." “Kanzen na Yuugi” (“The Perfect Game”)
  2. A tearaway boxer in highschool begins a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl (by sticking  his penis through a paper screen door), whom he soon grows tired of. He sells the girl to his brother for 5,000 yen. The story ends with the girl becoming pregnant with her former boyfriend’s child and dying after a botched abortion, with the protagonist showing remorse for the first time in the story whilst attending her funeral. “Taiyou no Kisetsu” (“Season of the Sun”)
  3. A group of young men pick up two women, who they go drinking with. They slip sedatives into their drinks and subsequently rape them. The girl’s friends catch up with them and stab one of them to death in a fight. “Shokei no Heiya” (“Execution Room”)

This last book was linked to THREE different cases involving men who used sedatives to drug girls and either raped or attempted to the girl(s)! THE FLYING FUCK O_________O

My brain...it hurts too much *whimpers* The stupid hurts momma MAKE IT STOP PLEASE ;_________________;
Someone please Would the real slim shady please stand up and shove a sock down this old douche's throat so that we can all get some peace and quiet around here?! I feel real bad for the otaku's and fellow fans in Tokyo ;___; This must suck more royally for those guys and gals. THIS is the governor? WELL HUZZAH FOR DEMOCRACY /sarcasm
"Nothing a rock in-a-sock flung at his stupid old head can't fix ." (Anon comment on the post on SC.) Dear Anon, ILU SRSLY *hugs them silly* i kinda wanna have your babies for that comment XDDDDD
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An author's ending note that I wanna share cause..well...err...

"Everyone who's been enjoying this story but has not been leaving encouraging reviews can all die in hell. Do you have any idea how discouraging it is to see so many hits and yet being forced to think that it's not satisfying enough for you to leave a review? Even if it's bad criticism, I want it. You're all assholes who are about as bad as leeches who read manga online and don't even buy a single translated publication even if they're available in your area. Shame on you.

A small few of you have also been complaining to me about deleting anonymous reviews which you have been leaving. I'm a sensitive, guy, so when I see that someone anonymous has been leaving a review to every single freaking chapter and they're all horribly spelled and don't offer anything constructive, it makes me feel paranoid and I think you're mocking me. You think I'm pathetic? Well, you're reading my fanfiction so DEAL WITH IT...

Examples include: "OMG THIS IS GREAT GIVE ME MOAR" or "AWESOME CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE". Seriously, that stuff pisses me off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Anonymous reviews are welcome, but please don't leave a review if you can't even offer me anything helpful. This is not facebook or myspace, this is fucking fanfiction. If you're going to do that, send it to me as a message. And if you're still going to do it, learn to spell. All caps is considered rude and is the mark of a troller. I should know."

...wow them be harsh words. I dunno bout this person here but....I love seeing more hits than reviews. I mean, I LOVE reviews (even if they are one liners) but when i see the hits I go "WOOHOO 10k hits I WIN~ :D" In Homer Simpson style.

is paranoid/touchy author paranoid/touchy?

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cause Bill 156 got signed into a law.

Good bye ecchi like HOTD, Panty & Stocking, Seikon no Qwaser, Yosuga no Sora, To Motto etc.
Good bye hardcore yaoi like Love Prism and maybe Viewfinder and others.
Good bye the amusing yet perverted side of anime which I admit was a nice sneaky side pleasure I loved to indulge in from time to time.
Good bye to the violence and gore and blood which I have too much of a fondness for like in Gantz.

Dear God, I sincerely hope and pray that this comes to bite Ishihara's head off in the worst way possible. I'm being mean I'm aware of it but he NEEDS to have karma give him a kick in the nuts for the unethical, sneaky and flat out wrong way he got this Bill to pass. I also hope that not only the manga publishers but also the production houses band together and go against that old bat. Sincerely, one enraged fangirl.
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After a good consumption of ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce with a side of strawberry wafers, i feel MUCH more....well i feel less rage filled at the least. But bad news... Looks like the Bill is set to pass cause...90% support is there for it :( 

Bill 156 Locked to Go – Prime Minister Expresses Concern as Final Vote comes on Wednesday

You can read the rest here. All I can say is this.

Buckle in folks, this is gonna be one HELL of a bumpy ride in the next few months.

Merry fucking christmas and a surprise buttsexx without lube courtesy of Ishihara to complete your year end.

I sent emails to like 4 of the publishing houses saying that i liked that they're fighting against this Bill and I hope they win. I'm thinking to send one to the Tokyo official office or something too....I think I'll sleep on that one...
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Y'all remember that Youth Ordinance Bill that was proposed some months back? Which was basically a hit at lolicon and there was a huge ruckus and all bout it but then it got voted out? WELL, it got revised and got proposed again and GUESS WHAT. THE TOKYO COMMITTEE GAVE IT THE OKAY! I AM NOT FUCKING HAPPY WITH THIS. YOU ASK WHY?!?!?!

(from Sankaku Complex, Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes)

rage rant curse spit hiss spew )

Note to self: find a really good "hate" icon for an occassion such as this
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Stole it from setsukan on FB. Cause i didnt want to post it there XD

RULE 1: You can ONLY say Guilty or Innocent.

RULE 2: You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks! (So people reading this, if you want an explanation..COMMENT ;)

RULE 3: Once you have finished answering all the questions, you must add one of your own at the bottom. AND ANSWER IT!!!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends to answer this. Then see what happens.

Guilty/Innocent )
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I decided to install both Sweet Pool & Lamento on my computer today. Managed to install Sweet Pool just fine (thank you instructional video on youtube which helped me realize that i didnt have the no dvd patch) and I played a bit of Sweet Pool. Then I remembered "crap this has like blood and gore in it, why the hell am i playing this when everyone is walking around me?! " *saves game and closes windows* XD

And now to install Lamento! RIGHT AFTER I finish getting some new drama cd's from Aarin (which is back up WHEEEEE~ *glomps the forum*) JUST in time~ I needed a game, its cg set and some new doujins <3

I'm thinking of replacing my Glee theme with an animated Gackt one....hrmmmmmm
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Togainu no Chi [164]
Special Effects [95]
Angles [69]

when we open our eyes and dream, we open our eyes... )
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I just made my 10,000th icon \o/

I didn't think that I'd be making so many damn icons XD

One major monster Togainu no Chi icon post coming soon! RIGHT after I finish going over the CG set again.

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