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I can only focus on two things.

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So I decided to get the Lamento Official Fanbook - White Notes with my prize money. I couldn't resist the siren call of the nekomimi. Plus I woulda gotten the Togainu no Chi Official Fanbook BUT that's 18+ and it would be a LITTLE DIFFICULT explaining THAT to my parents. "What the...why is that guy naked? ARE THOSE SCREWDRIVERS UP WHERE I THINK THEY ARE?! ARE THOSE TWO GUYS DOING WHAT I THINK THEY'RE DOING? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" "err....screw up in the delivery I think?" 

I doubt THAT scenario would pan out well XD

So yeah...now I'm gonna sit and wait for my first fanbook to arrive. I will try not to tear up in joy. I think I'll fail. I HOPE i fail XD 

And I'm back home now YAY <3
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So I've got this friend who is working on making/putting out his own manga/comic and he's looking for artists  writers or anyone who can help in the process.His blog. Do join up and help. I'm helping out on the writing side and I gotta say, I had fun coming out with my own original character :D Okay so I got a bit of a headache when discussing his powers with Amar (we love to complicate things XD) but in the end, I liked the end product (and so did the guy who was like the second in charge)

And em...just to show that I am dead on lj (other than posting icons and stuff) just an update post.
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Bleach [01]
427 cover page - Orihime

Togainu no Chi [03]
Gunji coloring
ShikiAkira fanart coloring (NSFW)
Cover of 'PantsJack' doujinshi cleaned

Cupcakes and Sexy Abs )
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Bleach [01]
427 cover page - Orihime

Togainu no Chi [03]
Gunji coloring
ShikiAkira fanart coloring (NSFW)
Cover of 'PantsJack' doujinshi cleaned

Cupcakes and Sexy Abs )

Bleach 427

Nov. 17th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Lets do a point by point spazz eh? Other wise I forget what I wanted to say ^^;;;
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IN CONCLUSION. I want that cover page and FAST so that i can color it <3
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Fairy Tail [20]
Otome Youkai Zakuro [18]
Vocaloid [58] 
Total 96



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As I once said about Kobato, I will say for the new/older Orihime. I would turn lesbian for her....if only Ichigo or Tatsuki wouldn't kill me.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF ORIHIME YOU POSITIVELY ADORKABLE GIRL YOU! So pretty with your long hair and lovely posture and and and being so damn silly in your old ways and then Ichigo and Tatsuki acting like yer mom and dad/caretakers and arguing over her and then joking with Ichigo asbnldnaisdhnas I WANT TO MARRY YOU. Or atleast take you home with me and never give you up <3

Ichigo in a soccer uniform and Ishida's new coiff..mmmmmmm~ *licks her lips* Yum yum~
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"Ayano Yamane's Finder Series Boys-Love Manga Gets Anime"
"Manga creator Ayano Yamane revealed at her Yaoi-Con panel on Saturday that an anime adaptation of her Finder Series boys-love manga is in production. The storyboards have already been done, and the cast will be announced soon. The anime is planned for release next spring.

The story follows freelance journalist Akihito Takaba and his relationship with the mysterious Asami, a powerful leader in Japan's underworld society. Central Park Media's Be Beautiful imprint launched its translated version of the manga in North America in 2005. Digital Manga Publishing has since announced this year that it licensed the manga." (Anime News Network)

I had to SERIOUSLY hold back my squeals of delight when I saw this news (my brother was standing right next to me) but I couldn't hold back my tears! I had been randomly thinking to myself for the past few days "Man wouldnt it be sweet if Viewfinder has  its own anime? Even if its just like 13 episodes, it would be SO GOD DAMNED WICKED to see the first five volumes animated, ESPECIALLY that whole summer get away in Bali or whereever it was!" AND THEN LO AND BEHOLD! *sobbing* Oh God, you are too awesome!

NOW! The question is! WHO is the production house?

oh and Happy Halloween~

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Some icons are NSFW

Togainu no Chi [ 70 ]
You're my Loveprize in Viewfinder [ 30 ]
Messiah [ 15 ]
Total [ 115 ]

Battle games, mafia wars and creatures of the night )
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Bleach Colorings (mind the spoilers) [ 19 ]
Bleach signature banners (Tensa Zangetsu) [ 03 ]
Fairy Tail (Alina-chan fanart) [ 01 ]
Kindan no Koi de Ikou (Friends Only Banners)
[ 01 ]

its the life we have created )
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Togainu no Chi [ 75 ]
BrotherxBrother (Kyoudai Gentei!) [ 42 ]

Total Icon Count:

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Yeah...I had been toying with the idea of just shifting all my icons and graphics stuff to another journal and then when [livejournal.com profile] miszxbrii  said that she'll be doing it, I thought "Oh fuck lets just DO this instead of pussy footing around!". And then I asked Amar for some suggestions for a username. I wanted Iconorama but it was taken. Major snaps. And then I wanted 'bigsweetjuicyicons' but that was too long so I compromised with [livejournal.com profile] sweetjuicyicons . It has a nice semi-pervy, semi-sweet ring to it doesnt it? I think it suits me dandy~ XD

So please add me there if you're following me for the icons. This journal will slowly be more or less f-locked...more less than more :P And I'll be posting ALL of my icons to that journal. Past one's first and...just to warn you, I've made over 10,000 icons. Maybe the figure is closer to 15,000 I'm not really sure, I've never really properly kept count. I know I've made AT LEAST 7,500 so...ANYWAYS! Lots of icons coming your way!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are so boring...nothing really to do cept wait for 'The World God Only Knows'. And you all DID read the reviews I posted some while back right? RIGHT? *eyes everyone* Oh well...it was worth a shot~
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Bleach (fanart) icons
 - IchiHime
Bleach (Shoujo S) icons
 - Inoue Orihime
 - Kuchiki Rukia
 - Matsumoto Rangiku

Bleach (manga) icons
 - Inoue Orihime
 - Tensa Zangetsu
 - Hisagi Shuuhei
 - Misaki (Vaizard

Total Icon Count: 80

of miniskirts and shinigami )
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Ouran Koukou Host Club (anime) [ 81 ]
Special A (manga) [ 14 ]

Total Icon Count:

i'll be there for you, these five words i swear to you )
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InuYasha (movie 2) Icons
 - Higurashi Kagome
 - InuYasha
 - Shippo
 - Naraku
 - Sango
 - Mirouku
 - Misc.

Total Icon Count:

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InuYasha (manga) Icons
 - Higurashi Kagome
 - InuYasha
 - Rin
 - Sesshoumaru
 - Sango
 - Mirouku
 - Kohaku

Total Icon Count: 89



and he swore to protect her life )
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Bleach Icons from the Shoujo S OP
 - Kuchiki Rukia
 - Inoue Orihime
 - Matsumoto Rangiku
 - Kurosaki Ichigo

Total Icon Count: 31

the door to my heart is waiting for you to knock it down. )

[ Bleach ]

Oct. 13th, 2010 09:46 pm
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Bleach icons (manga & anime)
- Inoue Orihime
- Kurosaki Ichigo
- Ulquiorra Schiffer
- Urahara Kisuke

Total Icon Count: 48

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Harry Potter Icons
- Harry Potter
- Hermione Granger
- Funny Text/Quotes etc

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