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An author's ending note that I wanna share cause..well...err...

"Everyone who's been enjoying this story but has not been leaving encouraging reviews can all die in hell. Do you have any idea how discouraging it is to see so many hits and yet being forced to think that it's not satisfying enough for you to leave a review? Even if it's bad criticism, I want it. You're all assholes who are about as bad as leeches who read manga online and don't even buy a single translated publication even if they're available in your area. Shame on you.

A small few of you have also been complaining to me about deleting anonymous reviews which you have been leaving. I'm a sensitive, guy, so when I see that someone anonymous has been leaving a review to every single freaking chapter and they're all horribly spelled and don't offer anything constructive, it makes me feel paranoid and I think you're mocking me. You think I'm pathetic? Well, you're reading my fanfiction so DEAL WITH IT...

Examples include: "OMG THIS IS GREAT GIVE ME MOAR" or "AWESOME CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE". Seriously, that stuff pisses me off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Anonymous reviews are welcome, but please don't leave a review if you can't even offer me anything helpful. This is not facebook or myspace, this is fucking fanfiction. If you're going to do that, send it to me as a message. And if you're still going to do it, learn to spell. All caps is considered rude and is the mark of a troller. I should know."

...wow them be harsh words. I dunno bout this person here but....I love seeing more hits than reviews. I mean, I LOVE reviews (even if they are one liners) but when i see the hits I go "WOOHOO 10k hits I WIN~ :D" In Homer Simpson style.

is paranoid/touchy author paranoid/touchy?

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So...I'm on AdultFanfiction.net now cause...I think I ought to jic someone on ff.net goes batshit wacky and reports my fics for being seriously M. Hey, I like to write in detail, so sue me Actually..please dont! So its totally a back up plan. But still, I'll be shifting all my M rated stories one at a time to my AFF.net account.

This is me on AFF.net. Any other places where one can safely post M rated fics? Other than your own livejournal?
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Lest I forget and cause I'd dig some feedback before I start writing em, I've got three ideas for fanfic running around in my head.
  1. Bleach - The crack fanfic idea that I posted previously. I may or may not start that once I'm done with Senpai to Kouhai. Cause I'm not sure how I'll be  able to write shounen ai XD
  2. Fairy Tail - You heard the song "Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert? Yeah, I was thinking to do a "one chapter per line/lyric" for Natsu x Lucy. Chorus included so the line "I'm here for your entertainment" will be done three-four times. I think that'll be challenging. Sure it'll be M but I'll try to get some humor and crack in it as well.
  3. Bleach - I know I'm gonna do this one FOR SURE. I adore the band Third Eye Blind and I'm gonna try to do IchiHime drabbles to their songs and lyrics. Starting from Blinded. If you see the lyrics, you'll know what I mean and intend. They just have awesome lyrics that I wanna write to.
So...what you guys think? =3
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There's this fab FAB quiz that tells you which famous writers style matches yours. All you gotta do is enter in a few paragraphs of your text into the given comment box and voila!

I write like
Annie Rice

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I got that when I posted in some text from Senpai to Kouhai and the Natsu x Lucy drabble. Then I thought "I should try my other fics too" XD

{X-Men} Oops: Stephen King
{X-Men} Life After:
Vladimir Nabokov
{Bleach} The Princess & The Protector: 
Annie Rice
{Bleach} Slippery Stair Steps : J. K. Rowling
{Bleach} It's All About Timing:
Douglas Adams
{Bleach} Snow & Hearts:
Cory Doctorow

Does my writing style vary that much? XDDDD
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On my way home from the gym, this song came on the radio that started out something like "Let me tell you a love story. There was one girl and there was one boy..." after which i totally tune out thinking "How come so many songs have that line? Why can't someone do a song with lyrics like 'There were two boys/girls and this is their love story?" or something like that? And that my dear friends....gave me an idea. And I swear someone WILL brick me for this...

imgonnagetshotforthisone )
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After a long while I feel like I'm kinda back in the writing zone so I've gotten down to working on Senpai to Kouhai's next chapter i.e. chapter 15. And while writing it, I wound up making a diagrammatic representation of the Inoue apartment!  Purely cause I dont want to make any goof ups while writing this story :)

But first!

Just cause y'all are on my f-list, hows about a preview then eh? =D
Chapter 15 preview & Inoue apartment layout diagram )
And that's all the preview y' can get or else I'd be giving stuff away which I so don't ke ke ke! but nae worry dear peeps, it should be done in maybe another day or two :D 
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m(_ _)m

I knew i said that I'd most likely be able to post chapter 13 before you'd come back on Monday but I had a really shitty day and I'm just not in the mood to write anything and I really gotta study for my finals so...I'm really sorry everyone. Its just....been a really bad day that I'm still trying to keep from bursting into tears of sheer frustration.

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