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Ishihara: “Otaku Have Corrupt DNA”

Ishihara's defence of his bill...HE GOES TO GENETICS: “There are indeed plenty of perverts in the world. The DNA of these pitiful people is corrupt. They are indeed abnormal.”

Hey guess what you old BAT, IT COMES FROM YOUR GENERATION TOO! (((((;`Д´)≡⊃

On loli manga: “Stories with young children being raped serve no purpose. They cause nothing but harm with no benefit.”

I can say the same for porn! BUT HERES TEH KICKER LINE! In the same press conference, regarding the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir something something, hes like “It was shocking at the time, but at that level the description is quite beautiful.” *epicspittake* I BEG YER PARDON?! LET ME ATTEMPT TO GET THIS STRAIGHT. You find the description of a book describing a man lusting after (and bedding after using drugs) a 12 year old girl?! And the girl is NOT a virgin when she has sex with this middle aged man?! *mind cannot compute* CHRIST ON A CRACKER! I need an Advil here....LEAVE THE WHOLE DAMN BOTTLE!

When someone pointed out bout his novel "Season in the Sun" and its contents he goes “Literature of any kind does not lead children to commit crime or cause juvenile delinquency,” *fist palm* WHY THAT IS SO TRUE! KIDS DONT READ LITERATURE AT ALL BECAUSE ITS GOT TOO MANY WORDS/KANJI IN IT SO ITS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT TO WRITE BOUT THIS STUFF IN NOVEL FORM! 8D PLUS I'LL JUST FORGET THE CONVENIENT FACT THAT MY BOOKS CAN BE EASILY BOUGHT BY CHILDREN IN ANY STORE HERP DERP! 

THIS from the man who has been writing RAPE novels for the past 50 YEARS?!  Some synops of his...'work'
  1. "A group of youths kidnap a mentally retarded girl whom they brutally rape and keep as a sex slave. After failing to sell her to a brothel, they dispose of her by throwing her off a cliff." “Kanzen na Yuugi” (“The Perfect Game”)
  2. A tearaway boxer in highschool begins a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl (by sticking  his penis through a paper screen door), whom he soon grows tired of. He sells the girl to his brother for 5,000 yen. The story ends with the girl becoming pregnant with her former boyfriend’s child and dying after a botched abortion, with the protagonist showing remorse for the first time in the story whilst attending her funeral. “Taiyou no Kisetsu” (“Season of the Sun”)
  3. A group of young men pick up two women, who they go drinking with. They slip sedatives into their drinks and subsequently rape them. The girl’s friends catch up with them and stab one of them to death in a fight. “Shokei no Heiya” (“Execution Room”)

This last book was linked to THREE different cases involving men who used sedatives to drug girls and either raped or attempted to the girl(s)! THE FLYING FUCK O_________O

My brain...it hurts too much *whimpers* The stupid hurts momma MAKE IT STOP PLEASE ;_________________;
Someone please Would the real slim shady please stand up and shove a sock down this old douche's throat so that we can all get some peace and quiet around here?! I feel real bad for the otaku's and fellow fans in Tokyo ;___; This must suck more royally for those guys and gals. THIS is the governor? WELL HUZZAH FOR DEMOCRACY /sarcasm
"Nothing a rock in-a-sock flung at his stupid old head can't fix ." (Anon comment on the post on SC.) Dear Anon, ILU SRSLY *hugs them silly* i kinda wanna have your babies for that comment XDDDDD

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