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An author's ending note that I wanna share cause..well...err...

"Everyone who's been enjoying this story but has not been leaving encouraging reviews can all die in hell. Do you have any idea how discouraging it is to see so many hits and yet being forced to think that it's not satisfying enough for you to leave a review? Even if it's bad criticism, I want it. You're all assholes who are about as bad as leeches who read manga online and don't even buy a single translated publication even if they're available in your area. Shame on you.

A small few of you have also been complaining to me about deleting anonymous reviews which you have been leaving. I'm a sensitive, guy, so when I see that someone anonymous has been leaving a review to every single freaking chapter and they're all horribly spelled and don't offer anything constructive, it makes me feel paranoid and I think you're mocking me. You think I'm pathetic? Well, you're reading my fanfiction so DEAL WITH IT...

Examples include: "OMG THIS IS GREAT GIVE ME MOAR" or "AWESOME CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE". Seriously, that stuff pisses me off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Anonymous reviews are welcome, but please don't leave a review if you can't even offer me anything helpful. This is not facebook or myspace, this is fucking fanfiction. If you're going to do that, send it to me as a message. And if you're still going to do it, learn to spell. All caps is considered rude and is the mark of a troller. I should know."

...wow them be harsh words. I dunno bout this person here but....I love seeing more hits than reviews. I mean, I LOVE reviews (even if they are one liners) but when i see the hits I go "WOOHOO 10k hits I WIN~ :D" In Homer Simpson style.

is paranoid/touchy author paranoid/touchy?

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