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cause Bill 156 got signed into a law.

Good bye ecchi like HOTD, Panty & Stocking, Seikon no Qwaser, Yosuga no Sora, To Motto etc.
Good bye hardcore yaoi like Love Prism and maybe Viewfinder and others.
Good bye the amusing yet perverted side of anime which I admit was a nice sneaky side pleasure I loved to indulge in from time to time.
Good bye to the violence and gore and blood which I have too much of a fondness for like in Gantz.

Dear God, I sincerely hope and pray that this comes to bite Ishihara's head off in the worst way possible. I'm being mean I'm aware of it but he NEEDS to have karma give him a kick in the nuts for the unethical, sneaky and flat out wrong way he got this Bill to pass. I also hope that not only the manga publishers but also the production houses band together and go against that old bat. Sincerely, one enraged fangirl.
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spoilerific <3 )

In summation. Bleach chapter 418 : I came =D
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no no no no no no GIN! GIN! You can't die you can't die! Get up you stupid bastard! You can't die like that!!!! You can't leave Rangiku! get up you stupid bastard *wails* T^T GIN!

HOLY SHEET *falls over on her bum* Ichigo...you...looks...so God damned yummy with your hair at that length...someone keep reminding me that he's 15-16 please before I land myself in jail XD
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Too much spazzing that I'd like to do and my classmates/friends are gonna kill me if I spaz too much on my facebook XD some of them are already peeved enough at the rate at which I tend to spaz on my statuses!
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Ack! I still have more work to do *cries * wish me luck for tomorrows presentation and next weeks mid terms dear peeps!
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2 papers done, and 3 more to go. I dont think they'll go well if today was any indication. I was gettin dizzy, severe weakness ( could barely walk!) and had to kept poking myself with my pencil in the neck to stay away. Atleast I didnt get nauseous which sucks more than weakness!

Tanabata came and went and it rained! *headdesk* I hoped for clear skies but nope. Its been raining and raining and raining. Love monsoon and the humidity that comes with it. ><

Can y' recommend me some other romance genre shojo manga? Preferably something in high school....I wont even mind gender bender as long as the romance is nice and sweet :D Drama, always welcome. Else I wouldnt like Desire Climax then would i? XD
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WOOHOO! Illuminati Manga finally released the translation of Blood+ Vol 3 and I am over the friggin moon! :D

I also started reading the Special A class manga, which really is two kinds of awesome :D The art is soooo much more nicer in the manga and i just wanna....eat Kei up! *num num!* He looks so delicious at some parts...ditto for Tadashi *squeeee!* I didnt really like the way Hikari looks in the anime but I definitely like her design more in the manga :D Its somehow...softer maybe? But that also applys for Kei, whose character design i am not particularly fond of in the anime. I really like Ryuu in the anime (kyaaa~! <3)

I read five volumes in two hours and then had a dream in which i saw Kei and Hikari....Special A overload perhaps? XD

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