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After a good consumption of ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce with a side of strawberry wafers, i feel MUCH more....well i feel less rage filled at the least. But bad news... Looks like the Bill is set to pass cause...90% support is there for it :( 

Bill 156 Locked to Go – Prime Minister Expresses Concern as Final Vote comes on Wednesday

You can read the rest here. All I can say is this.

Buckle in folks, this is gonna be one HELL of a bumpy ride in the next few months.

Merry fucking christmas and a surprise buttsexx without lube courtesy of Ishihara to complete your year end.

I sent emails to like 4 of the publishing houses saying that i liked that they're fighting against this Bill and I hope they win. I'm thinking to send one to the Tokyo official office or something too....I think I'll sleep on that one...
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Y'all remember that Youth Ordinance Bill that was proposed some months back? Which was basically a hit at lolicon and there was a huge ruckus and all bout it but then it got voted out? WELL, it got revised and got proposed again and GUESS WHAT. THE TOKYO COMMITTEE GAVE IT THE OKAY! I AM NOT FUCKING HAPPY WITH THIS. YOU ASK WHY?!?!?!

(from Sankaku Complex, Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes)

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Note to self: find a really good "hate" icon for an occassion such as this
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If someone gets this...please explain this to me too...

Me just entered the room and sat down on her seat
Dad walks into the room

Dad: Do you know this person Aa?
Me *makes a confused face*: Aa?
Dad: Whats that face? Why are you making that face?
Me: aaah, I can't make a thinking face now?
Dad: Don't make faces like that. Its not right. Now do you know this person?
Me: no...no I don't.

WHAT THE FUCK? I am not a fucking robot that I would go in a monotone "What who?" when asked about some person that I dont know. Why the hell CAN'T I make a "huh?" expression when I get hit by a random question JUST WHEN I ARRIVE HOME?! CHRIST ON A CRACKER. I dunno what the hell my dad wants from me some times.

*grumbles* and my mom asks me WHY I don't talk much or AT ALL at home. Cause I then have to hear shit like that that makes me confused and pissed at the same time. HUMPH.

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