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WHAT is with this sudden inflow of cheese, sad and gag inducing fluff in the IchiHime fandom these days? XD 

much sap and cheese and just...vomit inducing fluff )

Gads I feel ill now >|

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I missed out on Halloween *head smack* so I decided not to miss on Christmas! So its time for....A SANTA PARADE 8D

D. Gray Man
Detroit Metal City
DOGS : Bullets & Carnage
Haruhi Suzumiya
Jack Skellington
Junjou Romantica
Kimi ni Todoke
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Love Hina
Lucky Star
Okane ga Nai!
Pandora Hearts
Prince of Tennis
Sailor Moon

Total [ 160 ]

~~jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~~ )
Another batch coming your way tomorrow!
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I can only focus on two things.

two points only )
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Bleach [01]
427 cover page - Orihime

Togainu no Chi [03]
Gunji coloring
ShikiAkira fanart coloring (NSFW)
Cover of 'PantsJack' doujinshi cleaned

Cupcakes and Sexy Abs )

Bleach 427

Nov. 17th, 2010 10:43 pm
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Lets do a point by point spazz eh? Other wise I forget what I wanted to say ^^;;;
Everything is hitsuzen bb )
IN CONCLUSION. I want that cover page and FAST so that i can color it <3
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As I once said about Kobato, I will say for the new/older Orihime. I would turn lesbian for her....if only Ichigo or Tatsuki wouldn't kill me.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF ORIHIME YOU POSITIVELY ADORKABLE GIRL YOU! So pretty with your long hair and lovely posture and and and being so damn silly in your old ways and then Ichigo and Tatsuki acting like yer mom and dad/caretakers and arguing over her and then joking with Ichigo asbnldnaisdhnas I WANT TO MARRY YOU. Or atleast take you home with me and never give you up <3

Ichigo in a soccer uniform and Ishida's new coiff..mmmmmmm~ *licks her lips* Yum yum~
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Bleach Colorings (mind the spoilers) [ 19 ]
Bleach signature banners (Tensa Zangetsu) [ 03 ]
Fairy Tail (Alina-chan fanart) [ 01 ]
Kindan no Koi de Ikou (Friends Only Banners)
[ 01 ]

its the life we have created )
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I'm sorry but THAT OP? BLEW MY MIND.

Before I get to its awesomness, LOVED the new ED. Its got a nice hip beat to it that is really up my preference alley. And can I like stretch for it and say that "ha HA! IchiHime implied yet again! WIN~" but ahem, I'm kinda refrain.

But yes the OP!

Loved the whole gritty film effect and then the picture then shifting into a smaller perspective. That was awesome idea, vey sharp and well...very 'film-y'. Loved the text/animation on the 'Bleach' thing. The whole thing had an amazing dark and gritty feel and love the small subtle hints towards the future chapters. Aizen and the hogyaku, Gin (Oh GIN <3), Isshin, Urahara, YORUICHI you BAD ASS female you!

But what REALLY got me? Rangiku...seeing that little bit with her crying like that just..kinda blew my mind. I was like "sheeeeeet that is so beautiful. The colors, the semi-faded-flashback shots, the tears, the distortion effects and then reverse!

And then that mini flashback sequence of Ishida, Chad, saving Orihime, fighting Grand Fisher, Rukia, the little ghost girl, the bottle of daisies he left for the boy ghost who died near the light post. AND THEN...LONG HAIRED BAD ASS 'zomg i TOTALLY wanna jump him RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!" Ichigo aposhdpahd *Is ded pls send pie*

And the song, oh DAYUM at this song~ its got such a nice...melancholic, semi-dark, semi-despair feel to it but with a slight hint of desperate hope that it just sounds amazing.

I'm gonna go rewatch this a coupla more times. I love the animation on this OP. So very smoooooooooth~ especially Kyouraku's appearance. HOT DAMN that was SLICK!
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Right off the bat, I couldnt wait for the chapter or the spazzing so...


Thats me doing 'fast' colors in like...20 minutes? :P I kinda like the clouds though...IGNORE Ishida, poor guy looks so horrible *hides him*

so many of the awesome characters return in these 20 pages )
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I feel like crying at the end of this chapter....


and he averts is eyes to not see the end )
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Spazzing and flailing and squeeing goes all under the cut

the sexy...its deadly man )

Kubo is seriously pushing the level up to 13, like 11 wasn't high enough!
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spoilerific <3 )

In summation. Bleach chapter 418 : I came =D
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no no no no no no GIN! GIN! You can't die you can't die! Get up you stupid bastard! You can't die like that!!!! You can't leave Rangiku! get up you stupid bastard *wails* T^T GIN!

HOLY SHEET *falls over on her bum* Ichigo...you...looks...so God damned yummy with your hair at that length...someone keep reminding me that he's 15-16 please before I land myself in jail XD
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I had to do it after I saw him in Bleach Chapter 409. Like, HOMIGOD NEW HOTNESS~! <3 I now officially know who I think is the hottest stuff in Bleach <3

of miniskirts and shinigami )


Credit will be appreciated =3

Used the super sexy resources and textures of vikyvampirs90, obscene_bunny, LONDONKIDZ, Enadness & HeechinSarang. All at deviantart.

8th Oct 09

Oct. 8th, 2008 08:33 pm
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I hate the first week of the semester....I keep gettin shit scared in every class when I see the projects. I usually end up thinking "Ah crap. No way in hell I'll be able to pull this off!" and ive got TWO individual research papers this time around. *violentheadesking* Just kill me please!

Bleach is gonna be back on the manga track on the 14th. SO looking forward too that! :D Finally get to see Kenpachi vs Nnoitra, Freaky Scientist vs Creepy Scientist, Hime's Shun Shun Rikka making Ichigo go "WTF?!" in shock and awe, Byakuya's awesomeness *brain goes splody and splatters over the wall*

And till then...

*impatiently fidgets on her chair waiting for the sub of skipbeat* 

Dang it. They take any long im gonna end up downloading the high-quality raws....and ive already seen it on youtube...


Jun. 27th, 2008 10:34 pm
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Wahoo! 4 outta 5 projects done! *happy dance* With one last one left and my prep leaves start from Monday (EEEEK!) and then finals from the week after next (double EEEK!)

And hey hey, lookie who that is XD

Vampire Knight, chapter 41 : ARGH! *repeated head desk* YUUKI! I wanna shake you till your teeth rattle bout in your head! THE HELL is up with you?! And Gawd *turns a bit green* didja HAFTA call him onii-san after kissing him? I actually felt a little nauseous after reading that bit. uuugh...hate this chapter. Where the hell is this bus going t'?!

Bleach 316 - WAZOO! It feels GREAT t' be back in Karakura and with Ichigo and his super friends (tm) [XD] after all this time! It really felt great! :D And wooo hoo hoo! Yama-jii means business! Aizen with afro hair...I think i busted a rib by laughing too much XD

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