May. 23rd, 2011

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Stolen from from [info]nagicakes.  Cause memes are fun! and i ought to post something to prove that hey, im not dead~


What ratings do you read/write?
I read everything but my writing winds up going towards M :/

What warnings have you used on your fiction?
Fluff, crazy, lemon/lime, bondage, threesome, slight-OOC-ness, smexing, rape/abuse, violence. 

Do you have any squicks?
Badly written porn like cervix porn. OUCH OUCH OUCH NO YOU IDIOT THAT HURTS ALRIGHT?! D:
Obvious cases of OOC-ness, poor grammar and spellings, abuse of  or ignoring punctuation and proper formatting, blatant Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's.

Do you Role-play online? If so, what?
I used to be active YEARS ago in the Lord of the Rings roleplaying side. Ah Council of Elrond, I kinda miss you

Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?
No but there have been plenty of fanfics that have inspired me :D

Favorite fandom to write/read?
Write: Bleach, its somehow easier to write for me :O I find it easier to get in the characters head and go "hmm how'd they do this" I do plan on writing a HOTD smutlet though :D
Read: Viewfinder and Bleach.

Favorite pairing?
IchiHime with a side of Asami/Akihito and some occasional treat on the side

Favorite writer/writers?
Red Witch (that woman is MADE of funny), Seven Sunningdale (HOLYSHIT CAN THAT WOMAN WRITE), Ludi (Threads. Just...THREADS. FUUUUCK. THAT was AWESOME)  from Xmen and a lot of people from Bleach like...alice, Enelya, nagi, rairukka, kitsuru (TEACH ME YOUR WAYS PLEASE! ;__; )

How long should a chapter be?
A minimum of 1-3k words. I like my chapters LONG

Do you write/read drabbles?
more reading less writing. I find it difficult to stick to the smaller word limit but I have done that XD

Any fandoms you avoid?
eeeeeh not really but I did drift away from a lot of the older fandoms like Harry Potter and Buffy

Pairings you avoid?
If its not in my favorite couples, im not reading it XD

Warnings you avoid?
hmmmm if it warns for OOC then i'll completely skip it. If it gives a warning for slight OOC or possible OOC, then i always give it a try

Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?
No, not really

What do you think of Mary Sues?

Have you ever flamed someone?
Nope, dont think I ever have.

Have you ever been flamed?
PFT once, but it wasnt related to my fanfics XD But it was still amusing

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