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02. your favorite BL mangaka

Difficult question...oh so difficult...I love Nakamura Shingiku, Sakuraga Mei and Takanaga Hinako so much. But if I had to pick one...I'd pick Takanaga Hinako. Though Sakuraga sensei has the prettier bishies yay~ I love her art style and when I look at the list of stories that she's written, they are so different yet at the same time so familiar that you go "Oh yeah this sounds good!" And her characters...I kinda want to glomp em all. Except Tatsumi...he'd just kill me and I wanna live a nice long life! ESPECIALLY Satoru. OH-MY-GOSH you are too adorable for words. And i love her character's angry/exaggerated expressions. They totally make me chortle. And I love the drama that she weaves into her stories. Especially in Tyrant. I wanted to cry in volume 06 so badly and did tear up while reading it. And I the smut is awesome. Nuff said. Oh and I love her chapter spreads. They are always just so....so....wow.

03. your favorite work by your favorite mangaka

I don't have one favorite work - its a tie for first place. Bukiyou no Silent & The Tyrant who Fall in Love.

Bukiyou no Silent is such a sweet and adorable story, mainly cause of the lead character come to think off. Satoru is love, no doubts about that. The way how he's actually so sweet and shy and awkward but has that complete stone face? And then we get the whole inner monologue complete with chibi reaction faces? Breaks my dawww meter. And its extras..oh Good GOD. Neko! Satoru! Inu! Keigo! *arm flailage*

Tyrant...the drama, the angst, the unrequited love, the idiotically yet amusingly thick headed uke with pride the size of Mt. Everest who is slowly falling for his seme AND DOESN'T EVEN GET IT, the humor, the emotions....why wouldn't I love this to pieces? Volume 06...it makes me wanna cry for poor Morinaga ;A; Tatsumi no BAKA! *slaps him* Why can't you get it already how every small action of yours affects Morinaga? And I for one am happy as a CRICKET that Masaki just showed up on their doorstep! Its bout damn time that Tatsumi got a good dose of jealousy! XD

04. a BL manga you disliked enough to stop reading

I don't bother to even finish the volume/manga if I dislike it. I download em by the ton and then go through em one by one. So if I come across one that I don't like, immediately delete-age. Though there was Okane ga Nai but its not that I disliked it just....the uke looked WAY TOO MUCH like a little girl. And the seme looked like he was 30 something. I just couldn't handle it...I was like "I feel kinda dirty reading this...and THAT is saying something" But thats just the one title that I remember though there are have been plenty others that I read a few pages/chapters of and went "NO." *closes window and deletes and empties recycle bin*

05. a BL manga you would recommend to everyone
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! BrotherxBrother! Doukyuusei! Katekyo! Maiden Rose! Tyrant who Fall in Love! ViewFinder! The Warui Series! Junjou Romantica! cause its an awesome blend of drama, angst, smut, fluff...and three couples in one manga! Now thats a great deal right there! And best of all, how they all are linked together in the smallest of ways - one degree of separation between them. And I love the humor - poor Misaki always being the butt monkey for Usagi-san, Hiroki being all tsun tsun, Shinobu trying so hard while using foul language yet blushing so easily. And I love Nowaki. He must be shared with the world....and yet again, the smut is so awesomely hot.
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Nowaki x Hiroki my new OTP <3 Nowaki is just so much fucking love and Hiroki....I can't resist a tsundere. I truely can't *silly grin on her face* Tsundere moe~~~~


*nods* Yep...that sounds about right =3

Say what? Chapter 10 of Senpai to Kouhai? Eto.....ano....aaaah...oh look a three headed monkey! *runs away*

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